🇨🇦 Nunavut Arctic College and Galaxy Broadband Announce Innovative Partnership

June 19, 2023

Press release from Nunavut Arctic College

Nunavut Arctic CollegeNunavut Arctic College (NAC), committed to providing enhanced education and training opportunities to Nunavummiut, is proud to announce an Innovative partnership with Galaxy Broadband. Galaxy Broadband has recently expanded its operations to Nunavut under the name InukNET through a partnership with Qikiqtaaluk Corporation. This collaboration with NAC aligns with the Katujjiluta Government of Nunavut mandate, underscoring the commitment to expand education and training opportunities for all Nunavummiut.

Central to this partnership is NAC’s connection to the National Research and Education Network (NREN), leveraging Galaxy Broadband’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology. As the Nunavut partner in the NREN, NAC will connect to the ultra-high-speed backbone network of CANARIE, the federal partner in the NREN that connects Canada’s provincial and territorial research and education networks to each other and to the rest of the world. The NREN offers students, faculty, and researchers access to unique tools and services purpose-built for research and education. This pioneering partnership has the potential to revolutionize post-secondary student support, and community engagement across Nunavut.

This initiative aims to narrow the digital divide for remote communities, offering equitable online learning and research opportunities throughout the territory. The dedicated broadband network will foster innovative program delivery and enhanced learning opportunities, empowering students and researchers alike. It will also result in additional LEO network training and certifications via Galaxy Broadband in partnership with NAC.

“Nunavut Arctic College continuously prioritizes the needs and potential of our students and community,” stated the Nunavut Arctic College President, Rebecca Mearns. “Our partnership with Galaxy Broadband is a substantial stride towards fulfilling our mission of offering culturally relevant programs of the highest national standard, while building internal capacity to operate such systems and services locally.”

Galaxy Broadband is thrilled to be leading this technological evolution. “We greatly value our partnership with Nunavut Arctic College, as it mirrors our shared vision of providing equitable access to information across Canada and empowering Nunavut communities through skills development in the technology sector,” expressed the CEO Rick Hodgkinson of Galaxy Broadband. “We are eager to introduce our cutting-edge LEO technology to Nunavummiut, fostering opportunities for education, research, and community development.”

Nunavut Arctic College’s Board of Governors has approved a 10-year IT strategic plan that leans on partnerships and targets digital inclusivity and capacity-building in the technology sector through the delivery of online learning, and development of technical certifications to meet the burgeoning demand for skilled IT labour in Nunavut, ensuring opportunities for residents in remote communities.

About Galaxy Broadband:

Galaxy Broadband is a premier provider of comprehensive broadband solutions, devoted to connecting remote locations across North America with high-speed, dependable internet service. Known as InukNET in Nunavut, Galaxy Broadband uses innovative LEO satellite technology to bring connectivity to communities across the territory. https://galaxybroadband.ca/

About InukNET:

InukNET is an Inuit-owned internet service provider that aims to become the leading telecommunications service provider in Northern Canada by combining world-class technologies with local knowledge and culture. Panarctic Communications and Galaxy Broadband Communications have come together to launch this initiative to bring the fastest available internet in the North at no extra cost for data overages. https://inuknet.ca/


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Mariana Barney
Manager, Communications, Marketing and Recruitment
Nunavut Arctic College
[email protected]

Originally published on 16 June. 

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