Norway launches second coast guard vessel tailored to the future needs of patrol in Arctic Oceans

The KV Bjørnøya is the second of three ships in the new Jan Mayen class.

By Thomas Nilsen, The Independent Barents Observer - November 6, 2023
The ceremonial ship launching of KV Bjørnøya took place at Vard Langsten yard on November 1st. Photo: Helene Synes / Forsvaret

“It is crucial that we have good control and preparedness in our own sea areas,” said  Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Cecilie Myrseth, as she named the new ship.

“The new Coast Guard vessel will strengthen Norway’s ability to maintain overview, preparedness and control in our waters,” Myrseth said.

As Arctic sea ice vanishes, more waters open north in the Barents- and Greenland seas. The new Coast Guard vessels can sail independently for up to eight weeks without resupplying fuel and provisions.

The vessels of the Jan Mayen class are replacing the 40-year-old Nordkapp class. They are larger, have ice-strengthened hulls, and have very good seagoing properties, the Norwegian Defense Forces informs.

Next, and last, vessel in the class, the KV Hopen, is scheduled for delivery to the Coast Guard in Q1 2024.

The vessels are 136 meters long, and have a crew of about 100.

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