Norway isn’t seeing higher military activity by Russia in Arctic, says PM

Norway recently sent troops to Lithuania, and is scheduled to host Arctic war games next month.

By Reuters - February 24, 2022

OSLO — Norway is not seeing higher military activity in the north following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre told a news conference.

Russia recently ended military exercises in the Barents Sea, including in waters off Norway.

Norway is a NATO member that shares a border with Russia in the Arctic.

Støre also said in the press conference that Russia bore “full and complete responsibility” for the attack, and that Norway would take part in European Union sanctions against Russia, reported the Independent Barents Observer.

[As tension builds over Ukraine, Norway grows increasingly worried about neighboring Russia]

Earlier this month, Norway sent additional troops to Lithuania, another NATO member that borders Russia, citing a low risk for any conflict to spill over into the Arctic.

It’s also set to host Cold Response 2022, a major military exercise in the Arctic with NATO and regional allies, next month.

Reporting by Gwladys Fouche; additions by ArcticToday.