🇨🇦 New Season of “Venture Out” Podcast Spotlights Ten Indigenous Entrepreneurs from Across the North

June 22, 2023

Press release from EntrepreNorth

PictureYellowknife, NT – “Venture Out”, a podcast from EntrepreNorth that amplifies the brave voices of Northern Indigenous entrepreneurs, is launching a new season. This 10-part series will feature changemakers from across the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and the Yukon. Many of the guests are EntrepreNorth program alumni and friends and mentors within our circle who are all inspiring innovation and community wellbeing through business.

​Hosted and produced by Xina Cowan, EntrepreNorth Co-Director, “Venture Out” Season 2 will take listeners on an immersive journey into the lives and businesses of Indigenous entrepreneurs who are choosing a different path and uplifting others along the way. Each episode will feature in-depth conversations that reveal the highs and lows of operating a venture in the North and the unique perspectives, strategies, and cultural teachings that have shaped the entrepreneurs’ way of offering products and services that resonate with their customers and communities.

This season, listeners will meet Joella Hogan, Owner of the yukon soaps company in Mayo, Yukon (YT); Misty Ireland, Owner of Dene Roots in Hay River, Northwest Territories (NT);  Brian Ladue, Owner of Northern Wild Productions in Faro, YT; Jennifer Lindell, Owner of Jenn 87 Hairstyling in Iqaluit, Nunavut (NU); Jordan Peterson, Owner of Affinity North in Whitehorse, YT and others. Each episode features music from Northern artists and Venture Out’s theme song is Fires Across the Tundra by Juno-winning musician Leela Gilday.

“Venture Out” Season 2 launches on National Indigenous People’s Day – June 21, 2023 and will be available for streaming and download on all major podcast platforms. Listeners are encouraged to subscribe to the podcast and follow EntrepreNorth’s social media channels to receive updates and access exclusive content.

To check out Season 1, visit EntrepreNorth’s website or listen on any major podcast platform.


Misty Ireland, Owner of Dene Roots and featured guest on “Venture Out” Season 2:

“Indigenous entrepreneurs have the freedom, flexibility and opportunity to build important teachings into the foundation of their businesses. Our businesses help drive health, wellbeing,  and balance that can save us and Mother Earth. By sharing my story with others, I am demystifying the concept of entrepreneurship and showing that taking a risk can lead to big success on the individual and community level.”

Xina Cowan, Producer and Host of Venture Out and EntrepreNorth Co-Director:

“The North is a beautiful place and it’s unlike anywhere else. And that means operating a business up here, especially in the more remote communities, has its own unique opportunities and challenges. Northern Indigenous entrepreneurs are innovating solutions, they are driving new narratives, and they are at the helm of economic reconciliation. Venture Out is a celebration of their ingenuity and it’s an invitation for listeners to open their minds and feel inspired.”

Benjamin Scott, EntrepreNorth Founding Director / Co-Lead:

“We are witnessing a movement of entrepreneurship that is driving social change and contributing to healthy culture and communities across the North. In our work, we recognize that amplifying stories of entrepreneurship and Indigenous excellence can lead to transformative change at a deeper systems level. When Indigenous entrepreneurs share their spirit of innovation with others, there is a powerful ripple effect that supports all facets of our collective wellbeing. This is our ‘why’ behind Venture Out.”

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Originally published on 15 June.