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February 28, 2023

Press release from Bodenxt

H2 green steel i Boden

The development plan for Boden Industrial Park has now become law. This ensures the possibility of applying for building permits for H2 Green Steel and others interested in establishing themselves here. This means that the work is entering a new phase on several levels.

Boden Industrial Park is the 550-hectare site where the green steel plant H2 Green Steel is planning its establishment. The location of the industrial park is unique due to its accessibility and access to the large nearby electricity grid.

An important step for the continued work and the new phase that the area is now entering is that the detailed plan has become law. The approved zoning plan ensures the possibility to apply for a building permit. At the moment primarily for H2 Green Steel but also for other interested parties who have shown interest in establishing themselves at Boden Industrial Park.

“It’s fantastic that we can now take the next step in the transformation of society, where Boden Industrial Park with H2 Green Steel’s multi-million investment symbolises in many ways the new industrialisation here in northern Sweden. The development plan is undoubtedly a big step in the right direction as we continue our growth journey and we will do everything we can to enable even more new establishments here in Boden,” says Claes Nordmark, municipal councillor.

Boden City Council, next phase
Claes Nordmark, Municipal Councillor of Boden, welcomes the next phase of the Boden Industrial Park. Photo: Mats Engfors, Fotographic

At Boden Industrial Park, extensive preparatory work is already underway within the framework of what has been approved so far. H2 Green Steel has implemented measures covered by their building permit. It involves moving large amounts of material, creating a mass balance, fencing off large parts of the site and stabilising the ground where the largest and tallest building elements will be. To date, more than 500,000 m3 of moraine and vegetation have been moved.

Bodens Energi AB has drawn up a construction plan for 10 megawatts. The water and sewerage department of the municipality of Boden has excavated drinking water for the area. The design of other underground and above-ground infrastructure is under intensive development.

“It is of course a positive message for H2 Green Steel that the zoning plan for Boden Industrial Park has gained legal force. Our timetable includes a number of milestones that we have to meet and this is one such milestone that we can now count on. We are grateful that the courts have handled the appeals so quickly and it is also a recognition of the solid work of the municipality behind this zoning plan,” says Ida Westberg, General Counsel at H2 Green Steel.

Hear H2 Green Steel’s construction manager Andy Turner talk about the work, the future and his feeling for Boden as a place. Filmed by KOMM, Municipality of Boden.

“For me, having lived with the project for a couple of years now, I feel a certain pride in what we have managed to achieve. But also a great deal of humility, as we really feel that we are part of a larger, global and green transition, where we in Boden have actually contributed,” says Cecilia Kvibacke, planning and development manager for Boden Industrial Park at the municipality of Boden.

Detailed plan has become law
Cecilia Kvibacke, Boden Municipality’s planning and development officer for Boden Industrial Park, is one of the people who have been working step by step and methodically both locally and globally for a long time. Now that the zoning plan has gained legal force, another important milestone has been passed. Photo: Mats Engfors, Fotographic

Photo montage of the vision: Mats Engfors, Fotographic and Sandell Sandberg

Originally published on 27 February.

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