🇫🇮 New leading companies: Bittium, Danfoss, Konecranes, Orion, Ponsse and Epec

April 4, 2023

Press release from Business Finland

Business Finland has made positive funding decisions for one new leading company, Konecranes, as well as for five challenger leading companies, which are Bittium, Danfoss, Orion and Ponsse and Epec together.

Business Finland can fund a leading company with 20 million euros, and challenger class leading companies with 10 million. In addition, Business Finland is preparing to fund the ecosystem of the leading company with a total of 50 million euros and the ecosystem of challenger class leading companies with 20 million euros.

These funding decisions are a continuation to the funding decisions made in December 2022. The companies that were funded in December and those that are now being funded commit to a total of 375 million euros in research, development and innovation during their locomotive projects.

– All the winners of the third challenge competition for leading companies are at the forefront of their industry, whose RDI investments we accelerate to develop Finland’s competitive advantage. Companies have the ability to activate the business ecosystem in the international market, and this way we can also activate private funding for R&D investments. It is gratifying that this time there are so many challenger companies, says Business Finland’s Director General Nina Kopola.

Business Finland will launch the next challenge competition for leading companies during this spring.


Originally published on 4 April.

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