🇫🇮 NATO’s DIANA accelerator open to ICTOulu members

By Misha Radkevitch - June 20, 2023

By ICTOulu

We are presenting a unique opportunity for ICTOulu member companies to participate in NATO’s Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA).

This initiative strives to unite the most skilled and inventive individuals from across the Alliance, guaranteeing the safety of its members. Emerging and disruptive technologies can help the Alliance shape a peaceful future, with NATO ensuring that these are developed for responsible use in line with shared democratic values. The DIANA program is engaging participants in several pilot challenges this year to establish dual-use solutions to priority defence and security problems.

NATO are now accepting proposal applications for interested companies that wish to benefit from this program.

What NATO DIANA offers

  • Equity-free development grant;
  • Top-notch training program;
  • International mentor pool;
  • Access to approx. 100 NATO test centres;
  • Possibility for additional investments through pre-scouted investors and €1bn NATO Innovation Fund.

Who can apply?

  • Eligible companies must have headquarters in a NATO member country, such as Finland.
  • The company must provide deep tech and dual-use solutions.
  • Early-stage startups or small and medium-sized enterprises with limited experience in defecne and security will benefit the most from this program.
  • Technology solutions submitted to DIANA must be at a maturity level typically greater than TRL 4 (i.e. validated in lab). Lower TRL solutions with potentially disruptive impact will be considered.
  • Collaborative proposals will be accept so long as all member companies meet basic eligibility requirements. A single company must be listed as the lead.

When is the deadline for applying?

The call for proposals will close on Friday 25th August.

Further details

We have additional materials that we can send to any member companies interested in taking part in this program. If you would like to access these resources, or ask any other questions about the NATO DIANA program, please contact Jukka Olli or Jussi Leponiemi ([email protected])

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