🇸🇪 LKAB: CLIMB aims to enable the measurement of biodiversity

May 23, 2023

Press release from LKAB 

Kvinna tar vattenprov ur bäck

LKAB aims to contribute to increased biodiversity in the areas where we operate. By quantifying nature and its values, the tool CLIMB (Changing Land Use Impact on Biodiversity) will help answer the question of how we meet this goal.

LKAB have developed CLIMB in collaboration with the environmental consulting firm Ecogain, the industry organisation Svemin, as well as several other major industrial companies and organisations, with support from Swedish Mining Innovation. The purpose of the project is to have relevant indicators to assess biodiversity. It allows us to put a number on nature and its values.

“This is very useful, for example, in the planning of our industrial areas, reclamation and compensatory measures, as well as environmental assessments. When we take up land, this helps us choose locations with the lowest possible impact, and then compensate with values that are at least equal. This provides us with clear guidelines to follow, greater predictability in assessments, and better conditions for us to monitor and report our impact,” says Annika Zachrisson, Sustainability Strategist at LKAB.

CLIMB actually provides a concrete equation for quantifying biodiversity. The result is a biodiversity unit – a value for biodiversity – which makes it easier to monitor goals, assess impact, prioritise and act in favor of biodiversity, as well as report and communicate the impact. The goal is for this to lead to a positive impact on biodiversity by 2030, meaning that we compensate for more than what we negatively affect.

“The tool has been developed in collaboration with representatives from various industries, including real estate, mining, construction, and power industries, so it has broad support. In addition, authorities such as the County Administrative Board and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency have provided input, which is crucial – to have a model that is accepted by both industry and authorities,” says Annika Zachrisson.

CLIMB will be launched on May 22nd. Baselines will be calculated at all our operational sites during the year, which will serve as a basis for further work.


Originally published on 22 May.

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