🇸🇪 Large solar park to be established in Boden

March 29, 2023

Press release from Bodenxt

solcellspaneler i nattsol

The municipality of Boden has granted Lilium energi a land lease for the Boden Plug&Play development area. The aim is to build a solar park of more than 10 hectares that will be one of the largest of its kind in Sweden.

With this investment, the company wants to start producing fossil-free electricity that will contribute to the supply of renewable energy to the surrounding industries. The plant is expected to generate energy for at least 25 years with a total installed capacity of up to around 10 MW. Construction of the project is planned to start as soon as possible for the start of operations in 2024.

The approximately 18,500 solar panels are planned to be placed and lined up symmetrically to minimize the impact on the landscape. The nearest neighbors are only industries and testing activities for scalable energy ventures, for example greenhouse and data center.

Bild över Bodens utvecklingsområden

“For a place where the sun is always smiling, a solar park makes perfect sense. Joking aside, we of course welcome Lilium Energy’s investment, which is completely in line with how we in Boden want to work with renewable energy sources”, says Claes Nordmark, municipal councillor.

“An exciting establishment at Boden Plug&Play that strengthens the image of Boden as the green heart of northern Sweden. “The smart green” is central to the ongoing societal transition and it is important that we, together with exciting players such as Lilium Energi, show that we mean what we say,” says Mats Berg, Head of Industry in Boden.

Solar power for much of the day

“We have been looking for a long time at options for land in Norrland where we can place our solar park, as in northern Sweden it is possible to get solar electricity for large parts of the day thanks to the fact that it is bright for longer during the summer. Moreover, snow and cold are good for solar cells and the midnight sun contributes strongly to the production of solar electricity. We got in touch with Håkan and Lars at the municipality of Boden and learned about the investment that is taking place not only with H2 Green Steel’s establishment but also what is happening in the entire municipality. We are very positive about the future of Boden with all the growth with smart and sustainable solutions. It feels great to be part of this journey, says Stefan Ruda, commercial manager at Lilium Fastigheter.

Boden alive, people and cycling in the evening sun
“There is a place on earth, where the sun always smiles…”
Photo Mats Engfors Fotographic

 We at Lilium Fastigheter are really excited about our upcoming establishment of a large solar park in Boden. Not least because our main owners, the Liljedahl family, are based in Norrbotten and have expressed great satisfaction with being able to contribute to the necessary transition that the future requires and to build it in Boden. The fact that Lilium Fastigheter with this establishment will produce more electricity annually than all our tenants in our entire group consume, means that we are at the forefront of the real estate industry and thus hope that many more property management companies in both the private and public sector will follow our example, says Lilium Fastigheter’s Chairman of the Board Peter Gotthardsson.

With the upcoming electricity production of close to ten million KWh, they can for example

  • Satisfy the consumption of 1970 villas, 5000kWh/year (excl. heating).
  • To meet the consumption of 4104 electric cars with 12,000km mileage/year.

Lilium Energi is part of fastighetsaktiebolaget Lilium, a family-owned real estate company with properties in Sweden and Norway. The company owns and manages centrally located office, retail, industrial and residential properties in growth regions. This solar park and environmental investment is in line with the tenants’ stated environmental profiles and requirements for the transition to a sustainable society.

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Originally published on 27 March.

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