KSAT ka-band antennas part of new NASA network

January 18, 2023

Press release from KSAT

The NASA Near Space Network has integrated four antennas which are now operational. KSAT is contributing to the network with two ka-band antennas located in Svalbard and Punta Arenas.

NASA’s Near Space Network enables spacecraft exploring the solar system and Earth to send back essential science data for researchers and scientists to investigate and make profound discoveries.

KSAT is contributing with our 11,5m (tri band) S-X-Ka band antennas in Svalbard and Punta Arenas, Chile to this network. The NSN-Ka-band network is now operational and NASA developed the other two antennas in Virginia and Alaska.

The two KSAT antennas included in this network, are part of a growing ka-band capacity at KSAT currently consisting of 10 ka-band antennas: six ka-band antennas in Svalbard, three at Troll and one in Punta Arenas, making KSAT a leading provider of Ka-band ground systems for LEO satellites.

In 2021 KSAT installed the two large ka-band antennas in Svalbard and Punta Arenas. The 11m antenna at Svalbard marked number 100 on the plateau, a milestone for the worlds largest Ground Station. The same year KSAT installed a new KSATlite ka-band antenna in Antarctic Troll Station.

Originally published on 12 January.

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