Krasnoyarsk Region’s first hybrid solar power system to be commissioned in September

By griffith - July 20, 2021

KRASNOYARSK, July 19. /TASS/. The first hybrid diesel-solar power system in the Krasnoyarsk region’s Tura will be commissioned in September, the regional Ministry of Industry, Energy and Housing told TASS.

The system’s capacity to generate solar energy will make 2.5MWt, which is unique for the North, the ministry’s press service said. “The power system in Tura will be commissioned in September,” the press service continued. “We will receive a modern alternative energy source, which will give to us extra capacities, and we will be able to have new consumers, and besides – reliable and high-quality energy supplies for Tura.”

It will be the first power system of the kind in the region. Typically, the region has isolated energy systems in the Northern districts, which mostly work from diesel power plants. The regional budget has to undertake high expenses to subsidize expensive diesel-fueled generation.

“Governor Alexander Uss has set a task to have such districts more energy efficient,” the region’s Minister of Industry, Energy and Housing Evgeny Afanasyev told TASS. “Quite promising for implementation in isolated districts are the projects of solar generation – a most renewable and affordable source of energy, projects of wind generation, and development of energy centers fueled with raw oil. We have been working actively on these projects. Clearly, we must eye numerous options.”

The new solar power system will work jointly with three existing diesel power plants in Tura. The project’s investments are estimated at more than 300 million rubles ($4 million). According to the project, by using the new power plant the region will save every year up to 644 tonnes of diesel fuel (12%).


This press release first appeared on TASS.