In Kirkenes, the future of hospitals is now

By Arctic Business Journal - October 6, 2022

Kirkenes hospital in Norway is using Haltian Empathic Building digital twin to follow space utilisation and air quality.

Kirkenes Smart hospital IoT devices
Thingsee PRESENCE at Kirkenes hospital

How many offices and desks are needed, which spaces are used most often and how to create the best possible patient care and employee wellbeing in a hospital? These are the questions modern hospitals struggle with all the time. To tackle these issues, a new hospital site in Kirkenes, Norway, has made a smart digital twin of its building that will allow it to follow how space is being used and to monitor air quality and other aspects of the indoor environment. Read how Kirkenes and Haltian Empathic Building are building tomorrow’s hospital.

Empathic Building digital twin makes a smart hospital
When a new hospital was built in Kirkenes, it was clear that the modern hospital would utilise the latest technologies not only in patient care but also in employee experience and facility management. Therefore, taking Haltian Empathic Building digital twin into use was not a hard choice for the administration.

“We wanted to know how the building was used and what the air quality was like in real-time. Also, offering the best possible employee experience for our staff is a high priority for us, so the end-user experience played a big factor here”.

Haltian Empathic Building is a complete and end-to-end smart building solution that combines technology, culture and physical space into one. The solution includes a digital twin of the building, where people can see useful information to make their everyday tasks easier. In addition to Kirkenes, the solution is also in use in several other hospital campuses in Norway.

Kirkenes smart hospital reports from Empathic Building digital twin
Kirkenes smart hospital reports from Empathic Building digital twin

Quick visibility to office usage and booking
In most hospitals, office space and meeting rooms are always scarce, but they are not constantly used, as people do different kinds of tasks throughout the day. The hospital in Kirkenes wanted to use its spaces as efficiently as possible as well as have real-time utilisation and environment data over their building.

With the Empathic Building smart hospital, the hospital staff can get a quick overview of free rooms and offices using a single interface.

Efficient air quality monitoring
Air quality is extremely important in any building, but perhaps particularly important in a hospital environment. To get both real-time data about the air quality of different places, as well to get the data in the first place, air-quality monitors were installed to Kirkenes using Thingsee AIR internet-of-thing wireless devices that measure carbon dioxide levels, TVOC (total volatile organic compounds, a type of indoor pollutant) and temperature. Now, real-time information about air quality gathered by the sensors can be retrieved with just a single click.

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Thingsee AIR
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Empathic Building for smart hospital
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