🇮🇸 Kerecis expands silicone fish-skin combination product range with shield spiral, offering advanced customizable wound care solutions

July 10, 2024

Shield Spiral

Kerecis, the company pioneering the use of sustainably sourced fish skin and fatty acids in cellular therapy and tissue regeneration and protection, today announced the availability of Shield Spiral, an extension of the Kerecis Shield silicon fish-skin combination product range.

The patented, intact fish-skin graft and silicone combination, features perforated fenestration marks cut in a unique spiral pattern, allowing easy customization. The 30 mm graft can be reduced to as small as 15 mm by peeling away the 2 mm outer spiral sections and cutting to the desired size, providing unmatched flexibility and precision in treatment.

Key Features of Shield Spiral:

  • Graft Protection: Maintains the high standards of graft protection as other products in the Kerecis Shield product range.
  • Porous Silicon Contact Layer: Ensures optimal integration and healing.
  • Customizable Design: A spiral pattern allows easy tailoring to accommodate various wound sizes.


Shield Spiral is a part of the Kerecis Shield product family, which consists of Shield Adhesive and Shield Standard. The products are designed for managing chronic and acute wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, vascular ulcers, post-Moh’s surgical wounds, and draining wounds. The grafts contain essential natural skin elements and are fenestrated to allow adequate wound drainage for appropriate wound moisture at the wound bed.

At Kerecis, we continue to be inspired by the insights of the doctors that use the intact fish-skin every day. The development of Shield Spiral is a direct result of feedback from doctors that asked for a product that could be shaped faster and easier to the size of smaller wounds

Fertram Sigurjonsson, founder and CEO of Kerecis

Originally published on 5 July by Kerecis.

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