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🇫🇮 🇸🇪 Intito helps finance and business management in data-driven decision-making

April 13, 2023
Press release from ICTOulu

Oulu’s ICT sector has gained a new star with the arrival of Intito. The company recently acquired 100% of Soleno Oy’s shares, which had in-depth knowledge of Data & AI-driven business solutions. The acquisition is a part of Intito’s growth strategy aimed at strengthening the company’s operations in Finland and elsewhere in Northern Europe.

Intito in a Nutshell

In a nutshell, Intito aims to help finance and business leaders succeed in an ever-changing business environment. The company was founded in 2014 to address the growing need for financial and business management to plan and analyze their operations in more detail and to meet increased reporting requirements. To date, Intito has helped over 100 customers take advantage of the latest business planning technology, and it currently employs 30 passionate performance management experts in Finland.

“Our teams have a good reputation among our customers and partners. Soleno complements Intito’s offering with its multidisciplinary expertise in business planning and reporting, and especially in data processing, data management and artificial intelligence. This acquisition is a natural way to continue our excellent cooperation,” says Keijo Ylitalo, former CEO of Soleno Oy.

Three Teams of Experts Help Finance and Business Management

Intito’s offering consists of three areas of expertise: Extended Planning & Analysis, Financial & ESG Reporting and Data & AI. Three teams of experts work as partners for finance and business management to help them make data-driven decisions and automate repetitive processes.

Extended Planning & Analysis team has deep knowledge of integrated business planning and financial planning, the two components at the heart of any organization’s finance management. The Financial and ESG Reporting team focuses on financial consolidation, group accounting, ESG reporting and other regulatory reporting. Data & AI team enhances the planning solutions Intito has built with AI-capabilities and machine learning. Besides that, they also work with data platforms and governance.

Intito Teams Are Continuously Looking for New Members

Intito plans to grow steadily in Oulu and develop the local unit. Intito is a workplace where people are valued and listened to. We have a humane and warm work community and competent colleagues. For senior experts, it enables good peer to peer support for work, and for new talents in the field, seniors act as inspiring mentors. We can offer long-term learning paths for experts who want to develop themselves to become masters in AI-infused planning, analysis and reporting.

Our three teams are continuously looking for the top-notch experts, but we understand that the competition is fierce. We will also welcome younger talents and Mirva Sainiemi, our Chief People & Culture Officer, is making sure that they get a proper and systematic induction, and a warm welcome to Intito.

“Mirva is making sure we grow with our people at the center of the growth. We want to cherish our caring culture. We are looking for people who have the same ambitious work ethic as our current employees to join our steady growth journey in the Nordics,” concludes Petri Sipola, CEO, Intito.

Contact Information:

Keijo Ylitalo, Sales Director​

[email protected]

+358 40 559 8291

Originally published on 13 April.

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