Inside Tips to Reykjavik, Iceland

By Kiki - July 20, 2018

Welcome to Reykjavik, the northern most capital in the world! This quirky city may be small put it has a lot to offer! With these Discover the best of Reykjavik with these 10 insider tips, you will be navigating around like a local in no time!

One | In the city for the night and hoping for a glimpse of the Northern Lights? Your best bet is to head out to the light house in Seltjarnarnes. With few city lights its one of the best places in the city to try and catch a view of the Northern Lights. Be sure to head out to the lighthouse during the day as well, there is a small hot pool were you can soak your feet and enjoy the ocean view.

Two | Visiting the swimming pools in Reykjavik is a must, just be prepared to walk into a locker room full of naked people. In Iceland you must shower first without your suit on before entering the pools. Covering up with a towel only makes you stand out more, just embrace it the pools are totally worth it.

Three | Not sure what to wear for the day? Layers are key in Iceland, one minute it will be beautiful and sunny, the next a wind storm followed by snow, be prepared for all elements. And when in doubt black is a go to option, you will blend right in, or do as I do and wear neon to truly stand out.

Four | Keep in mind that if you want to stock up on groceries most stores close between 6-7pm. Otherwise you are left with the very expensive corner shops, trust me you don’t want that.

Five | Looking to try some Icelandic cuisine on a budget? Go down to the harbor and and order lobster soup from the Sea Barron. Ask for extra lobster and smile, you usually get it thrown in by the owner on the house and its one of my favorite meals in town! Or grab a traditional Icelandic hotdog from the stand near the harbor, get it with all the works and be prepared to wait in line, this place is always hopping!

Six | Before you arrive in Reykjavik be sure to download these two apps to your phone:

Stætó.is– The ultimate guide to the local bus system.If your planning on using the bus system while in Reykjavik this app is a life saver!

Appy Hour– This app tells you all the happy hours in the area, the deals you can find at what bars, as well as the times. Its a great app to get your pre-pre party started and still have money to hit the town later!

Seven | Want to party like an Icelander? Do your wallet a favor and grab some drinks at the liquor store to enjoy before heading out to the bars. You can expect to spend 10 USD/8 Euros for a beer and it will add up quickly! If you want a true taste of the nightlife don’t head out until after midnight, you will be the only one in the bars otherwise! And I highly recommend a pre-party nap, Icelanders get down until the wee hours of the morning.

Eight | Hoping to score on some Icelandic wool products? Before spending your savings on an overpriced shop head down to the flea market near the harbor and score handmade goods for half the price. You are going to want your own Lopapeysa after seeing everyone wearing one in town!

Nine | Don’t be concerned about the funky smell of the water. I promise it won’t leave you smelling of sulfur after you shower and cold water from tap will be some of the best water you have ever tried!

Ten | The best way to view the city is from the top tower of the church Hallgrímskirkja located in the center of Reykjavik. You have to pay a small fee around 4 USD/3 Euros to go to the top tower but the views are worth it, especially if it is a clear sunny day in Reykjavik!

Want more insider tips for Reykjavik? Keep your budget in check and enjoy these free activities around Reykjavik. Not sure how to make the most of one day in the city? I have the perfect city guide for you! Find more Iceland tips and guides here. Happy travels!