Insect-based protein for garden birds – Volare and pet food company Lemmikki’s Leo & Wolf brand launch the first product of their collaboration

December 7, 2022

Press release from Volare

To survive the long and cold winter, garden birds need energy-intensive and easily digestible food. Pet and animal food company Lemmikki Insect seed bar contains nutritious Finnish insect protein produced by Volare that is a natural fit for birds’ diet.

The Insect seed bar is the first product from Lemmikki and Volare’s collaboration, and it’s made to answer birds’ high energy needs. Insect protein has also been found to have a positive effect on the wellbeing of animals – the protein is easily digestible and believed to even have health benefits.

“It is important to bring innovative and climate-friendly products to our customers, who are looking to feed pets and garden birds. The insect bar for wild birds developed together with Volare is a great example of a product like that,” says Janne Räsänen from Lemmikki.

Volare produces insect protein from black soldier fly larvae. The larvae use food industry side streams as their nutrition, solving the issue of food waste while, at the same time, producing environmentally friendly protein and fats. In addition to bird food, these circular products are used to replace resource intensive soy and animal protein as well as fats in pet food and animal feed.

“Previously, Volare’s insect protein has been used in, for example, pet food and it also works perfectly in fish feeds. Now, together with Lemmikki, we get to offer a climate-conscious option to take care of birds during the winter,” says Jarna Hyvönen, Volare’s COO.

Originally published on 7 December.

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