In Fascist-inspired crusade, warriors from Moscow's war of aggression wave Z-flags on North Pole


The expedition is part of a state initiative called “Time for Heroes” (Vremya Geroyev). In the course of a training program run by the Russian Presidential Academy soldiers with battle experience from Ukraine are to be taught to become leaders and managers in state authorities and companies.

Photos shared on social media VK by nuclear power company Rosatom show members of the expedition gather around a Russian flag placed on what is reportedly the North Pole point. Many hold flags marked with “Z,” the Fascism-inspired symbol of Russia’s wars of aggression. One person also holds the old black-yellow-white Russian imperial flag.


More than 80 warriors from the war against Ukraine on the North Pole. Photo: Rosatomflot on VK


“On the North Pole, I felt not joy and delight, but rather a feeling of the unknown,” an expedition member says in a comment. “During the expedition, I understood how wide the horizons are, how large is our country, and towards what all of us need to strive,” he added.

Reportedly, there were 83 warriors on board the ship, 24 of them heavily decorated so-called ‘heroes of Russia.’ The total number of medals and awards among the expedition members’ amount to 274, the program managers say.

The expedition set out from Murmansk on the 3rd of June and will proceed to the Franz Josef Land before it returns to Murmansk.


From the frontline in Ukraine to a management position in Russian public life? Photo: Rosatomflot on VK


The “Time for Heroes” program was officially launched by Vladimir Putin in February this year. Its reported purpose is to turn warriors from the war in Ukraine into managers for Russian public and private sector. Modern teaching methods and management technology are applied, along with teamwork and personal development tools, the program website informs.

The program is supported by a community council that includes representatives of several ministries, among them the political propaganda department of the Ministry of Defence, member of the State Duma, as well as a number of ultra-conservative and fanatic cultural representatives, leaders of patriotic organisations and journalists. Among the latter is the Kremlin’s leading propagandist Vladimir Solovyev.


Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyev is among the people behind the Vremya Geroyev (Time for Heroes) program. Photo: program website


The inclusion of former soldiers in public management could lead to more violence and additional militarisation of Russian society.

The Barents Observer has repeatedly reported about how warriors from the war in Ukraine have committed grave crimes upon return to their home towns and villages.