🇫🇮 Ilmatar launches two new offshore project areas – Bothnia & Bothnia West in Finland’s EEZ

October 23, 2023

Press release from Ilmatar

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The Finnish Government has granted survey permits for Ilmatar Offshore’s two new project areas, Bothnia and Bothnia West, in the Finnish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
“This is a massive area that creates great potential for developing energy-intensive industries in neighboring areas,” says Anna Häger, Regional Manager at Ilmatar Offshore.

Ilmatar Offshore has identified two new areas suitable for offshore wind in the Finnish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The project areas are called Bothnia and Bothnia West and are located in the middle of the Bothnian Sea, about 100 kilometers off the west coast of Finland.

“This is another step we at Ilmatar are taking to strengthen our position as the leading independent power producer in the Nordic region and also a sign of our ability to grow and take a long-term view in an ever-changing market environment,” says Anna Häger, Regional Manager of Ilmatar Offshore.

This year, Ilmatar is commissioning at least six onshore wind farms and one solar farm in Finland, and just recently, we received the building permit for the first large-scale solar park of 55 MWp in Knihult, Sweden. Our offshore wind project areas are now seven, and these lay the foundation for our operations as an energy company in the long term.

Bothnia and Bothnia West are together the largest offshore wind development area in Finland. The exploration license covers an area of almost 2,200 km2.

“Roughly estimated, it can accommodate a wind farm with a capacity of over 6 GW. This means excellent opportunities for fossil-free electrification in Finland and Sweden,” says Jori Sihvonen, project manager for Ilmatar’s offshore development in Finland’s EEZ.

The survey license means that seabed surveys, detailed measurements and evaluation of the current state of the project area can begin. Ilmatar has already started work on the environmental impact assessment in cooperation with Ramboll Finland, and the practical surveys will begin early in 2024.

“If the project is realized, electricity production could start in the early 2030s. What we as developer and independent energy producer need now, to realize this and other offshore wind projects in the EEZ, is government guidance on how to obtain exclusivity for the actual development of the areas,” says Jori Sihvonen.

Project facts


Survey area: 1,395 km2
Sea depth: 60-120 meters

Bothnia West 

Survey area: 803 km2
Sea depth: 35-120 meters

Distance to the coast: 

  • 80 km to Merikarvia/ Sastmola
  • 84 km to Kristiinankaupunki/ Kristinestad
  • 94 km to Pori/ Björneborg
  • 100 km to Uusikaupunki/Nystad
  • 94 km to Rauma/ Raumo
Bothnia- ja Bothnia West project areas.


Originally published on 20 October.