GreenSAT is now in space.

February 9, 2023

Press release from Tusass

It is not an everyday event, but Tusass is proud that the investment in part of a new satellite has now reached the point where the satellite can be launched into space. This is done in collaboration with the Spanish satellite supplier Hispasat and SpaceX and is scheduled to launch the satellite so that it reaches space on Sunday. As of February sixth, there is a satellite in space, We in Greenland called “GreenSAT”.

In 2021, Tusass announced the third stage of the satellite plans for Greenland. A collaboration with the Spanish satellite giant Hispasat to build and send a new satellite into space. The time has now come for GreenSAT to be put into operation and is now taking over the connections Tusass’ old supplier, SES, delivered.

Kristian Reinert Davidsen, CEO of Tusass, explains:

  • It has been a long-lasting project for Tusass to expand and improve the quality of satellite connections in Greenland. It is a great, costly, challenge to supply isolated settlements. We want to do our best for the areas in Greenland that are covered by satellite connections instead of radio chain or submarine cable connections so that they can have more stable connections than they have now, even if satellite connections are more sensitive to wind and weather.

Tusass’ CEO Kristian Reinert Davidsen was present in Florida where the GreenSAT satellite launched. Chairman of the board of Tusass Ulrik Blidorf followed the live stream and says:

  • I am very proud and pleased to be part of bringing progress in the satellite area for Greenland and that we are succeeding in carrying out the next step in the satellite program and the satellite strategy for the benefit of North and East Greenland in particular, but also sheep farmers and mines.

As part of the satellite strategy in Tusass, a ground station was built in Tasiilaq in 2020, then in Ittoqqortoormiit in 2021. In connection with the GreenSAT mission, a ground station was built in Qaanaaq. This means that customers in Qaanaaq can expect new products in late summer/autumn – just like our customers in Tasiilaq and Ittoqqortoormiit after setting up their ground stations. Tusass continues to follow developments in the satellite area closely.

Originally published on 7 February.

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