Scientists may have an explanation for why the Magnetic North Pole is moving so fast

Jets of molten material in the Earth's outer core could be the cause.

By Next Animation - May 15, 2020

Scientists now say they may have an explanation for the Magnetic North Pole’s wandering movements, according to a new study.

The Magnetic North Pole has been shifting its position from Canada to Siberia, and since the 2000s, the movement has faster than usual.

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Writing in Nature Geoscience, the scientists say there are jets of molten material in the outer core of the Earth, and alterations to the flow are moving the Magnetic North Pole.

According to the paper, researchers utilized the European Space Agency’s Swarm satellites to collect the magnetic data needed for the study.

Citing the authors, BBC reports the molten jet is located much further south than the researchers originally thought in their presentation to the American Geophysical Union two years ago.

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The study’s lead author is cited as saying that the flow made the Canadian magnetic node weaker in relation to the Siberian node, which causes Russia to win the subterranean tug of war for the Magnetic North Pole.