For the northern lights, a musical accompaniment

While hunting aurora borealis displays in Iceland, this man brought a violin along.

By Reuters - January 18, 2019

An unidentified man put on a show with his violin during a northern lights display in Starmýri, in Western Iceland, in October.

Footage from the video aggregator Newsflare shows the man playing “Once upon a time in the West” by Ennio Morricone (the theme song to a Western film of the same name by Sergio Leone) on his violin whilst the northern lights glow in the background.

“When I go hunt the northern lights in Iceland I take along my violin and occasionally play a few strings,” the man wrote, according to Newsflare. “The aurora borealis had been very intense an hour earlier, now it was getting weaker, fainter. I grabbed my violin and played a few melodies.”