Finnish company promises lifelong gin to visitors at North Pole pop-up bar

Arctic Blue Gin, a Finnish liquor company, promises gin for life to anyone who travels to their pop-up bar at the North Pole on April 17.

By Melody Schreiber - April 16, 2019
An expedition from the gin company reached the North Pole yesterday. (Arctic Blue Gin)

If you plan to be at the North Pole on Wednesday, stop by a temporary bar there for a gin and tonic — and to get free gin for life.

Arctic Blue Gin, a Finnish liquor company, is offering lifelong gin to anyone who is able to make it to their pop-up bar at the North Pole on April 17.

For just one day, it will be the northernmost bar on the globe. And in addition to the bragging rights of visiting the bar, any Arctic liquor enthusiasts who manage to make the trek will get lifelong gin delivered to their doors, the company promises.

“To survive here, you need to be a little mad, and quite a lot tougher,” Mikko Spoof, co-founder of Arctic Blue Gin, said in a statement. The marketing campaign highlights the bilberries, also known as European blueberries, used to make the gin. The berries are threatened, Spoof said, by climate change and its wide-ranging effects on ecosystems.

Earlier this year, Arctic Blue’s Navy Strength Gin won double gold and the best in show at the World Spirit Competition.

In order to reach the North Pole by April 17, Spoof embarked on the journey north a week ago with Poppis Suomela, a polar photographer. Valtteri Hirvonen and Otso Tiainen also joined the expedition to film a short documentary about climate change.

According to the spirit company’s Facebook page, the expedition made it to the North Pole Monday.

“Arctic conditions lead to extreme situations,” they wrote. “The trip has been challenging and we had to change our plans a lot — we will share the whole story with you later!”

Perhaps over an ice-cold cocktail?