Finnish and Swedish fighter jets take part in military exercise

The aircraft will operate out of Rovaniemi in Finland's Arctic as part of Ruska 22.

By Reuters - October 5, 2022

Finnish and Swedish fighter jets are taking part in the ongoing Ruska 22 exercise, the Finnish air force’s main exercise this year to maintain and develop the country’s air defense readiness.

All Finland’s air force units are taking part in the air operations exercise which started on Monday and will continue until Saturday.

In total, Ruska 22 will involve around 3,700 personnel, including 2,400 reservists and the aircraft will operate out of several locations across the country.

According to the Finnish Defense Forces, the exercise will involve around 50 aircraft, the majority of them being F/A-18 Hornet multi-role fighters.

In addition, Hawk jet trainers, air force transport and liaison aircraft, an army NH90 transport helicopter and Swedish Air Force JAS 39 Gripen multi-role fighters will take part.

Operating out of Rovaniemi air base on the Arctic Circle in Finland, the Swedish fighters will participate in the exercise as part of Finland’s air defense and train base operations at a Finnish air base.