Finland and Sweden joining NATO adds new border with Russia — but also extra troops, says admiral

Dutch Admiral Rob Bauer, who chairs NATO's Military Committee, made the remarks at at Tallinn press conference.

By Reuters - September 19, 2022

Finland and Sweden joining NATO will create another border with Russia but add more military strength to the alliance, a top NATO military adviser said on Saturday.

Rob Bauer, a Dutch Admiral who chairs NATO’s Military Committee, told a news conference in Tallinn: “We get extra territory to defend as an alliance, and we get a long border with Russia. But we get also Finland and Sweden’s armed forces — that are very capable — to help us to defend that extra territory and to defend that longer border.”

Russia would have a longer border with NATO without having any extra troops, meaning the accession of Sweden and Finland was beneficial for the alliance.

Bauer also pledged support for Ukraine’s continuing land war against invading Russian forces