Exeri receives patent in the USA

By Lennart Håkansson, North Sweden Business - March 18, 2024
Anders Uvliden, CTO at Exeri

The Luleå company Exeri receives a patent in the United States for its method of detecting and localizing faults in the power grid. This is an important step in the company’s planned international expansion.

Exeri has expanded in recent years with several installations for customers around Sweden. The company is now preparing for international expansion.

“We have always been convinced that our system is completely unique on the market and with this patent we have had it validated. It has been a long process with the actual patent application, but the value that it provides for us as a company, our investors and customers makes up for the work many times over. Now we want to continue developing our offering,” says Anders Uvliden, Chief Technology Officer at Exeri.

The US is a country with great variation in terrain and weather conditions. A large part of the country’s electricity network is airborne, which poses many challenges.

“A state like Florida, for example, is particularly prone to storms and high winds, and the tearing down of power lines is a common recurring problem. In other words, there is a great need for a solution that can quickly recognize faults and find where they have occurred,” says Anders Uvliden.

Exeri develops and delivers a digital monitoring system for detecting and localizing interruptions in the electricity network. Through wireless sensors on electricity poles, the customer’s control centre gets a clear picture of the network status of the area in question. This enables efficient troubleshooting, localization and maintenance of the network. The first test installation was made in the Skellefteå area in 2018, and after several successful installations around Sweden, the company is now aiming for the US.

Lennart Håkansson, North Sweden Business 

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