EV Fast Charging with Cactos One

February 15, 2023

Press release from Cactos

The ask

We were approached by our client to provide a solution for their EV fast charging expansion project in northern Finland, with the objective of optimizing onsite electricity consumption, provision of peak shaving functionality, scalability to avoid costly grid infrastructure upgrades for future expansion projects, as well as ensuring a timely roll out and start-up.

The solution

After a careful review of our clients technical needs, we determined that our Cactos One unit would provide the ideal solution. With each Cactos One unit providing 50 kw of power and 100 kwh of storage, our fully modular and scalable storage solution addresses all of our client’s current needs, as well as future proofing the location for expansion projects.

The benefits

Reduces cost of energy by reducing the peak power demandEnsures peak loads do not exceed grid connection limits during charging operationsReduces cost of electricity by use of load shifting and energy arbitrage functionProvides optionality for use of 100% of battery capacity or peak shaving functionProvides revenue from grid services market participation

The story

As a market leader in their business area, our client wanted to find an optimal solution to their commercial needs whilst promoting the use of renewable energy and ensuring a resilient and reliable electricity supply. With best in class service at the core of their ethos, our client has invested heavily in EV fast charging infrastructure. With an eye on future expansion, our client was also cognisant of potential grid connection constraints, with the cost and time associated with modifying existing connections having the potential to delay future roll outs and impact overall project economics. As such, our client contacted the Cactos team to leverage our technical expertise and smart energy storage units to assist. After some initial discussions, we swiftly entered into an agreement to provide our Cactos One, which is now installed and fully operational at our clients premises, providing real time benefits 24/7.

Originally published on 13 February.

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