EU education funding is an ‘important signal’ of partnership with Nuuk

By Kevin McGwin, The Arctic Journal - June 5, 2017

During a signing ceremony in Nuuk last week, Neven Mimica, the European commissioner for international co-operation and development, signed off on the transfer of the 2017 instalment of its seven-year, €215 million ($242 million) agreement to support Greenlandic educational programmes.

The €31.6 million payment, received by Kim Kielsen, the premier, goes to support education and vocational training, which the EU considers to be cornerstone of its efforts to promote sustainable development in Greenland.

“Education and vocational training are essential ingredients for the diversification of Greenland’s economy and the welfare of its people,” Mimica said.

Despite not being part of the EU, Greenland has received funding for education Greenland since 2007 as part of its support for the non-EU territories of member states.

The sheer size of the deal, according to Mimica, makes it “one of the most important education programmes that the EU supports beyond its borders.”

In addition to raising education levels among young Greenlanders, the EU funding also seeks to promote the establishment of skilled labour force.

The payment, according to Kielsen, is an indication of the good relationship between Brussels and Nuuk.

“Receiving the money sends an important signal that the Self-Rule Authority values our partnership with the EU, and that we hope the partnership will continue. It is hugely important for the education of our children,” Kielsen said.