Denmark appoints new honorary consul in Iqaluit

Navarana Beveridge grew up in Greenland, but has lived and Nunavut for more than two decades and work for Inuit organizations there.

By Akira Halmai-Cooper, Nunatsiaq News - March 18, 2021
General view of Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada on October 8, 2019. (Stephane Mahe / Reuters File Photo)

The Kingdom of Denmark has appointed a new honorary consul to represent Danish interests in Nunavut.

Navarana Beveridge, who has worked in management and social policy with Inuit associations, will be the European nation’s representative in Iqaluit, covering all of Nunavut. With her new title, she will be responsible for assisting Danish citizens in the territory as well as their interests, according to an announcement the Danish embassy in Canada made on Tuesday.

Denmark’s Queen Margrethe made the appointment, which took effect March 5.

“I am thankful and honoured for this appointment. I am excited to take on the role of assisting fellow Danish citizens as well as inviting greater collaboration opportunities between Nunavut and Greenland in particular,” Beveridge said in the news release.

Navarana Beveridge has been named Denmark’s honorary consul in Iqaluit. (Royal Danish Embassy in Canada)

Beveridge grew up in Greenland, later moving to Nunavut where she has lived for the past 22 years.

She previously worked for Inuit Organizations for management and social policy, is being fluent in multiple languages and is the current director of administration at the Qikiqtani Inuit Association in Iqaluit.

Because Greenland is a Danish territory, Nunavut and Denmark have similar concerns and a common history in developing the Arctic for the interest of the people living in the North, the embassy’s news release states.

At its closest points, only 26 kilometers separate Nunavut and Greenland.