🇳🇴 🇫🇷 Deep Wind Offshore and EDF Renewables announce preferred floater solution for Utsira Nord

July 5, 2023

Press release from Deep Wind Offshore

Frédéric Belloy, Executive Vice President International operations of EDF Renewables, Wolfgang Wandl, CEO Moreld Ocean Wind and Knut Vassbotn, CEO Deep Wind Offshore.

EDF Renewables and Deep Wind Offshore are cooperating with Norwegian supplier Moreld Ocean Wind for the floating solution at the offshore wind development on Utsira Nord.

Renewable energy major EDF Renewables has been working with offshore wind developer Deep Wind Offshore on the first offshore wind projects in Norway since 2021. This work includes producing a competitive bid for the qualitative Utsira Nord tender and one of the focus areas is the development of a robust supply chain in Norway. The consortium has now chosen its preferred supplier for floating wind foundations in Norwegian supplier Moreld Ocean Wind.

The consortium has investigated several floating solutions. Moreld Ocean Wind is a Norwegian leading industrial group based in Stavanger, specialized in offshore energy and marine industries. The Ocergy floater that Moreld offers is an innovative steel three column construction that ensures good stability, fast assembly, and low weight. It is what the consortium considers to be the most sustainable and cost-effective solution at Utsira Nord.

This decision further illustrates the attention paid by the consortium to strengthening the Norwegian local supply chain while preparing itself for the next stages of the tender process.

With this project, EDF Renewables and Deep Wind Offshore are committed to support Norway to achieve its goal of doubling power production by 2040, including 30 GW of offshore wind production.

Frédéric Belloy, Executive Vice President International operations of EDF Renewables, said: “EDF Renewables has more than 10 years of experience in offshore wind and is currently constructing one of the first floating wind farms in the world, Provence Grand Large. We’re pleased to partner with Deep Wind Offshore on this project, who complement our global experience and extensive technical expertise with their local presence and in-debt knowledge of the local supply chain. We’ve already enjoyed strong interactions with the Norwegian supply chain across a range of our projects and are delighted to continue doing so with Moreld and Ocergy to deliver a robust offer as part of the Utsira Nord bidding process”.

Knut Vassbotn, CEO of Deep Wind Offshore, said: “Moreld Ocean Wind’s solution is the most cost effective and sustainable of those we considered. It also represents the Norwegian way of doing things, with Moreld providing technology, engineering, procurement, and construction. This cooperation aligns with our goal on maximising local content, which is crucial not only to achieve social acceptance in the first offshore wind projects, but also to be able to upscale the industry to deliver further projects to reach the 30 GW target. Both parties in the consortium are fully aligned on this matter”.

About EDF Renewables

EDF Renewables is an international energy company which develops, builds and operates renewable power generation plants. As a major player in the energy transition worldwide, EDF Renewables deploys, within EDF, competitive, responsible and value-creating projects.

In every country, our teams show their commitment to local stakeholders every day, adding their expertise and capacity for innovation to the fight against climate change.  At the end of 2022, EDF Renewables operates a net installed wind and solar capacity of 11.4 GW (18.5 GW gross) worldwide.

Mainly present in Europe and North America, EDF Renewables is pursuing its development by taking a position in promising emerging markets such as: Brazil, China, India, South Africa and in the Middle East. Historically active in onshore wind and photovoltaics, the Company is now strongly positioned on offshore wind and floating wind as well as in new technologies such as energy storage, floating solar and agrivoltaism.

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About Deep Wind Offshore

Deep Wind Offshore is a developer and future owner of offshore wind projects worldwide. The Company is based in Haugesund, Norway, so far with offices in Sweden and South Korea, and is backed by strong industrial and local owners in Knutsen Group, Haugaland Kraft, and Sunnhordland Kraftlag (SKL).

Deep Wind Offshore has a project pipeline of more than 10 GW, with 3 GW under exclusive development in South Korea.

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Originally published on 4 July.