Cooperation agreement between the municipality and H2 Green Steel for growth in Boden

January 18, 2023

Press release from Bodenxt

Vision av H2 Green Steel

An important step in Boden’s increasing growth is the new cooperation agreement between Boden municipality and H2 Green Steel. The aim is that as many as possible of the 1500 employees of the planned green steel plant will settle in Boden.

H2 Green Steel is an accelerator in Boden’s development journey with its investment in the first new steelworks in Europe in modern times. H2 Green Steel is gradually hiring more staff in direct connection with the establishment in Boden. The total number of employees is estimated to be at least 1500.

In the new cooperation agreement, the municipality of Boden and H2 Green Steel commit to a number of mutual obligations. The aim is to facilitate and ensure that as many as possible of the growing group of H2 Green Steel employees settle in Boden.

Shared growth

“Our green steel plant in Boden, with production starting in 2025, attracts talent from all corners of the globe. We need to ensure that we not only attract, but also retain our team in Boden. That’s why we are further developing our cooperation with the municipality of Boden and identifying initiatives in education and housing that contribute to an increased quality of life for new residents,” says Sofia Gellar, H2 Green Steel’s HR Manager.

From the municipality’s point of view, this primarily concerns support in matters related to housing, preschool and schooling for employees who choose to settle in the municipality of Boden.

“This is another step in the right direction to ensure momentum in Boden’s social transformation. Together with H2 Green Steel and their decisive investment in green reindustrialisation, we are now enabling the company’s future employees to also become residents. It is a win-win agreement that I am fully convinced will benefit both parties in the long term,” says Claes Nordmark, municipal councillor.

“It shows that we on both sides are taking on this challenge together. It is of course good that we have reached an agreement that both parties are convinced will benefit the development and well-being of Boden and H2 Green Steel. For us, it will also be a strategically very important part linked to our population target of 33,000 inhabitants by 2030,” says Mats Berg, Director of Economic Affairs.

The supply of skills is a challenge and a success factor for the entire new industrialisation sweeping across northern Sweden. Boden, like other municipalities in the region, is working intensively to create solutions and processes to make a major leap forward in development in just a few years, where both skills provision and housing solutions are key elements in meeting development and transition.

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Originally published on 17 January.

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