🇸🇪 🇮🇳 Cooperates with the World Bank on hydrogen projects in developing countries

May 4, 2023

Press release from Luleå University of Technology

Cecilia Wallmark speaks at the meeting in New Dehli.

Luleå University of Technology’s hydrogen venture CH2ESS is a partner in a new project led by the World Bank with the goal of giving developing countries additional access to financing and technical support to scale up hydrogen projects. Recently, the project’s first physical meeting was organized in New Delhi, India.

– With today’s major investments in the field of hydrogen, it is very interesting to participate in a forum with deeply engaged stakeholders from a variety of countries and discuss a suitable way forward to accelerate the implementation of hydrogen with a focus on knowledge sharing and financing, says Cecilia Wallmark, operations manager for the university’s hydrogen gas addition.

Great global interest

Right now, several important research, innovation and pilot projects are being carried out in the hydrogen area in northern Sweden, a fact that has also attracted international attention.

– There is a clear interest from the other participants in our work in the hydrogen area in northern Sweden, which is why I was specifically asked to participate and present our work at this meeting in India. We are interesting partly because the world’s only fossil-free steel production is carried out here, but also because the collaboration in our hydrogen gas hub in the Gulf of Bothnia includes all the necessary stakeholders and is multifaceted regarding both the production and use of hydrogen, says Cecilia Wallmark.

Inspirational meeting

She summarizes the meeting in India as an important first step in the project to create better conditions for developing countries to implement and finance larger hydrogen projects.

– This was an inspiring meeting that further demonstrates the usefulness of global strategies for hydrogen implementation. The next step will be to create information materials and start new joint research projects. Both the World Bank and representatives of the Indian government are also keen to visit northern Sweden to see with their own eyes the ongoing hydrogen development, says Cecilia Wallmark.


Cecilia WallmarkWallmark, Cecilia – Operational Manager, Centre for Hydrogen Energy Systems Sweden, CH2ESS

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Originally published on 3 May.

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