Companies in the Raahe region are interested in the potential of hydrogen and further training

December 8, 2022

Press release from BotH2nia

The Raahe Region Development and Brahe Training Centre collaborated to identify the training needs of companies in the Raahe region in relation to hydrogen. There is a clear demand for basic information on hydrogen applications and business opportunities, with well over half of the companies that responded to the survey wanting more information on the subject.

“The survey conveys the same message as a similar survey in Central and Southern Ostrobothnia: that the greatest need is for general information on hydrogen use and related business opportunities. We also see from the answers that the need for training is as much in the basic as in the planning and management jobs,” says Minna Näsman, Project Manager of the National Hydrogen Network.

The survey was conducted as part of the annual business barometer in the Raahe region in the form of a telephone interview between 12 September and 14 October 2022. 41 representatives of companies in Raahe, Siikajoki and Pyhäjoki responded to the survey questions, which were put to companies in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

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Originally published on 7 December.

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