Coastal fishing deserves a clear and stable framework

By Alexander Norfolk - March 3, 2022

February 23, 2022

Naalakkersuisut’s decision to introduce quarterly quotas into Hellefian fisheries has been the main issue of the organisations and relevant parties to the fisheries sector. And Naalakkersuisoq for Fiskeriog Fangst, Aqqaluaq B. Egede cannot guarantee whether there will be any more changes in the fisheries sector.

In coastal Hellean fisheries, annual quotas have been introduced to ensure that fishermen have a framework in which they can
have confidence.

If there is no involvement of organisations and stakeholders before such a far-reaching
decision is taken on the change of the quota system in coastal Hellehal fishing, then this is a bad thing with Naalakkersuisut’s promise of frankness and involvement.

The lack of continuity in fisheries policy leads to uncertainty and doubt, not only among
fishermen but also, in particular, in the organisations. Knapk condemns this approach,in
which Naalakkesuisut takes a decision without further discussion, which has had a serious impact on coastal fishing.

Nor does Naalakkersuisut help to change the framework of coastal fishing so radically when Naalakkersuisut has convened a seminar on the fisheries commission’s thinking on how to discuss the future new fisheries law.

KNAPK is in favour of maximum involvement and dialogue with all fisheries actors, non-communeable on individual organisations, or advice. In the case of changes in quotas in
coastal fisheries, the decision was made in consultation with the Fisheries Council. It is excellent, but there is a great many in-depth discussions about the frameworks and the consequences of the change.

You cannot look at the sieve in kystnary fishing for only one side, so Naalakkersuisut needs
to involvere and have dialogue with all organizations where there must be room for careful consideration of the consequences of decisions, say President NikkulaatJeremiassen.

When you go to the polls on greater openness and involvement, Naalakkersuisut’s curious
approach is very bad with the intentions. ends Nikkulaat Jeremiah.

KNAPK will give its views and opinions to the Naalakkersuisut seminar on the
work and report of the Fisheries Commission on 2-3 March, where updating the Fisheries Act is one of the important Topics. Howeverthe conditions and framework for coastal fishing will be very challenging when prices, quotas and licences are to be discussed. Here Vil KNAPK get on the field with a fox proposal.

This press release has been translated from Danish

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