Canada, Germany and Norway discuss security pact to cover the North Atlantic and Arctic

By Andrew Blackman - June 20, 2024
Marc-Antoine Déry, Unsplash.

Canada, Germany and Norway are discussing a potential trilateral defense and security partnership that would focus on the North Atlantic and the Arctic, CBC reports. This partnership could involve broader cooperation than previously thought.

  •  One potential area of cooperation is defense procurement, particularly submarines, according to Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair. Germany and Norway are already building new submarines together and have offered Canada the chance to join the project.
  • This potential partnership is seen as a positive step for Canada. It would provide an opportunity for deeper collaboration on broader defense issues and technology, and potentially include Canadian industries.
  • This type of regional security pact could become more common, with AUKUS being another example. Canada wasn’t invited to join AUKUS, an alliance for the Indo-Pacific region between Australia, the U.K. and the U.S., so this new partnership could be strategically valuable.