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April 24, 2023

Press release from Arctic Security

Investing in Arctic EWS will help to ensure that AU’s networks and critical data continue to be protected.

Athabasca University (AU) selects Arctic Security’s Early Warning Service (Arctic EWS) to enhance its cybersecurity resources. This investment in cybersecurity will help to ensure that AU’s networks and critical data continue to be protected. As an open and online university, understanding and staying up to date with security weaknesses are critical to the evolving attack surface and finding vulnerabilities early to stay ahead of hackers.



OULU, FINLAND — April 24, 2023, Arctic Security is a Finnish cybersecurity company focused on helping national and international cybersecurity authorities by providing an incident notification platform. This platform has helped many nations protect their most critical infrastructure.

Arctic Security is pleased to announce that Athabasca University (AU) – a fully open and online university based in Canada – selected Arctic Security’s EWS to enhance its already robust security posture. Every day, Arctic Security sees over 80,000 organizations with compromised machines in their networks and higher education is no exception with their often-enormous internet footprints. Most of these are issues they are unaware of. Arctic Security works actively with higher education to offer improved visibility to as many as possible with our Early Warning Service. Athabasca University leads the way in leveraging this new capability to ensure the safety of critical data and is the first Canadian university to deploy Arctic EWS.

“As a fully online and open university, it is critically important that Athabasca University’s digital systems are safe and secure from cyber threats so that we can serve the needs of our learners and deliver on our research priorities,” said Jennifer Griffin Schaeffer, Vice-President Information Technology and Chief Information Officer.

“We are pleased to partner with Arctic Security to give AU an added tool to protect critical and sensitive data. During our research, we were impressed with the ability to see actionable and precise notifications and to improve response times for addressing security issues. In today’s shifting cybersecurity landscape, leveraging security resources more effectively and enabling teams to achieve more in less time is essential.”

Arctic Security: “For years, we focused on building a platform for National Cyber Security Centers and Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs). With our Early Warning Service, notifications are delivered directly to end-user organizations that have, until now, often been unable to access this type of information,” said Arctic Security CEO David Chartier. “We noticed that the bad actors consider the higher education market a “soft target” because the budgets have been crushed and staff is stretched so thin and wanted to change that. “Our goal is to democratize access to this information resource so that all can benefit, not just the richest corporations or the highly endowed. We are honored to partner with Athabasca University to help them continue their efforts to get ahead of the potential threats.”

About Arctic Security: 

Arctic Security is a cybersecurity company that started by helping national cybersecurity authorities by providing an incident notification platform for their constituents. Having seen the effects of such systems in the critical infrastructure space, Arctic Security decided to bring the capability to a broader audience of universities, both large and small private throughout the world. For more information, please visit Arctic Security at: https://arcticsecurity.com.

About Athabasca University:

Athabasca University (AU) is one of the world’s foremost and fastest-growing online and open education institutions, serving over 40,000 students across 81 countries. AU offers online bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs alongside online courses for both personal learning and professional development. It is uniquely founded on the principles of flexibility and openness, giving students control over their studies so they can learn whenever and wherever it is right for them. For more information, please visit: www.athabascau.ca.


Arctic Security: David Chartier, CEO, [email protected]

Athabasca University: Bryan Alary, Manager, Content and Media Relations, [email protected]a

Originally published on 24 April.

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