🇳🇴 ArcticZymes Technologies launches ArcticZymes Proteinase HQ

April 19, 2023

Press release from ArcticZymes Technologies

Tromsø, Norway, April 18th 2023 – ArcticZymes Technologies ASA (OSE:AZT) announces the launch of ArcticZymes Proteinase HQ to the B2B market.

Following up on earlier press-releases (9th Dec 2022) ArcticZymes is pleased to launch the latest member in our Proteinase product portfolio: ArcticZymes Proteinase HQ.

This product is the ‘bioprocessing grade’ version of our existing successful ArcticZymes Proteinase and will be made available to the B2B market i.e., large scale supply to business customers developing their own industrial processes. Bioprocessing grade includes features specifically demanded by customers in the biomanufacturing segment; for example, a more comprehensive quality documentation package to include, among others, statements pertaining to endotoxins, bioburden and non-animal origin inputs.

ArcticZymes Technologies ASA, CSO, Darren Ellis said:

“This enzyme is quite a distinct alternative to existing commercial enzymes and its performance characteristics and area of application should not be confused with those of, for example, proteinase K. Proteinase K will quickly reduce proteins to short fragments and destroy information, whereas our enzyme is significantly more gentle and is an excellent choice when the goal is to reduce protein load to improve handling and sample accessibility without destroying all the associated biological information. These novel features expand the design choices for our customers to resolve certain technical barriers in both molecular and biomanufacturing workflows.”

For more information, please contact:

ArcticZymes Technologies

CSO, Darren Ellis                                          Tel: +47 47 31 50 07
CFO, Børge Sørvoll                                       Tel: +47 95 29 01 87
[email protected]

Originally published on 18 April.

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