Airplane ticket prices in Russia are up 40%

By - March 25, 2024 The Independent Barents Observer

In February this year, economy-class plane ticket prices in Russia in several directions went up to 7,244 rub (around €72) for 1 thousand km of flight. This is more than the high season prices registered in July 2022, news website RBC reports citing the Federal State Statistics Service of Russia. 

The Russian Arctic city of Murmansk is among the cities, where the rise was especially significant – the tickets to the city have risen up to 76 %. The list of the now more expensive directions also includes tickets to Barnaul which went up to 88%, to Grozny 84%, Blagoveshensk 77% and Ulan-Ude 71%. 

However, some other directions, such as Vladikavkaz, dropped to 22%. 

The representative of the Russian travel service “Yandex Travel” told RBC that there are different factors that impact the price of tickets. It includes factors that could vary

“from some changes in carrier schedules to some local events that could provoke increased demand at the moment. That is, the general increase in prices does not mean that it is now impossible to find a ticket on sale at last year’s prices or even a little cheaper,” the “Yandex Travel” press service said. 

Other experts suggest that the price of the tickets is also predictably going up as a result of the sanctions imposed by Western countries after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The sanctions left Russian aviation in turbulence as supplies of foreign spare parts are drying up, maintenance is neglected and engines are failing.