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June 12, 2023

Press release from Ocean Hyway Cluster

Illustration: Absolut Hydrogen

Absolut Hydrogen is a liquid hydrogen innovator for mobility and energy transport. We are happy to announce that they have joined the cluster.

Absolut Hydrogen designs and offers technological solutions to manufacturers who wish to use liquid hydrogen as an energy carrier for use in vehicles (ground or air) but faces several storability constraints.

Absolut Hydrogen is a French engineering and industrial SME based in Grenoble and was established in 2021. The company is a spin-off from Absolut System, who has more than 13 years of cryogenic system development. By exploiting the cryogenic expertise, Absolut Hydrogen provides hydrogen liquefication solutions and other systems enabling the use of liquid hydrogen with a range of liquefiers, on-site production, storage and more.

We had a little chat with Jérome Lacapère, Managing Director at Absolut Hydrogen.

“At Absolut Hydrogen we believe that liquid hydrogen is currently the most practical state for low-carbon heavy mobility development and the energy sector.”

Jérome Lacapère, Managing Director at Absolut Hydrogen. Photo: Absolut Hydrogen

Liquification system

There are many advantages with liquid hydrogen, such as higher density, allowing for longer distances to be driven without reducing cargo space. Based on cryogenic technology, Absolut Hydrogen provides various liquefiers to meet different needs for each client, such as a mobile liquefier with repeatable filling capacity of 100 kg a day (available system) or a system up to two tons per day within 2 years.

These future liquefiers will allow to use large quantities of liquid hydrogen produced in Norway thanks to local green energy, says Jérome.

This technology makes it possible to decentralize production of liquid hydrogen very close to production of distribution hubs. Thanks to its low maintenance costs, Absolut Hydrogen liquefier is ideal for remote areas:

Absolut Hydrogen’s technology is unique with its contactless bearings technology. By using innovative centrifugal technologies, the wear and tear is significantly reduced, and meets the minimum maintenance requirements, he continues.

Why did you want to become a part of the cluster?

The different members of the Ocean Hyway Cluster have the same common goal: to implement green solutions and work towards the decarbonization of maritime transport. It seems interesting to meet the different companies of the cluster, and to be able to bring our expertise on liquid hydrogen technologies, Lacapère ends with.

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Originally published on 12 June. 

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