A Game of Thrones-themed ice hotel opens in Arctic Finland

It's the second year a Game of Thrones-themed ice hotel has been built in Lapland.

By Reuters - February 13, 2019

Game of Thrones fans now have the opportunity to get a feel for what sleeping in the Arctic cold is like, surrounded by the army of the dead, dragons and dire wolves from the fictional kingdom of Westeros.

Some 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, the SnowVillage Lapland Hotel, in collaboration with HBO Nordic, has for a second year built an ice hotel from scratch based on HBO’s international hit series.

Twelve artists from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Finland and the Ukraine have used 400,000 kilos of ice to make the structure.

Visitors can get married in Great Sept of Baelor, enjoy a three-course dinner at Frozen Winterfell, have a drink from an ice glass or meet the giant Mag the Mighty.

HBO will debut the final season of the series in April and it aims to start production on a prequel later in 2019.

The Emmy-winning medieval fantasy series is HBO’s biggest hit ever with some 30 million viewers in the United States and an army of devoted fans world-wide.