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Greenland’s Royal Arctic Line in murky waters

Greenland’s Royal Arctic Line in murky waters

Elías Thorsson - 24 December 2023

Eight years of controversial reforms within Greenland’s publicly owned shipping agency have hit a…

The largest ever probe into possible historical Danish wrongdoings in Greenland is about to begin

Krestia DeGeorge - 5 October 2022

The largest ever investigation into possible abuses in Greenland by the former Danish colonial…

A first-ever foreign policy opinion poll in Greenland shows support for more cooperation with US, Denmark

Krestia DeGeorge - 22 February 2021

We know from recent headlines that China has an interest in expanding economically in…

Greenland’s premier narrowly avoids a no-confidence vote

Kevin McGwin - 12 October 2020

Greenland’s political watchers will have noted that it was only fitting that it was…

The US aid package to Greenland marks a new chapter in a long, complex relationship

Krestia DeGeorge - 29 April 2020

There are multiple ways to seek to understand what a new aid package from…

Greenlandic party calls for Danish ‘Arctic minister’

Kevin McGwin - 15 May 2019

Eying a potential role as kingmaker after Denmark’s general election on June 5, Greenland’s…

Copenhagen is ignoring Russian, Chinese activity in the Arctic, lawmakers warn

Kevin McGwin - 12 October 2018

Members of the Danish national assembly have roundly criticised the government for failing to…

Controversial former premier is set to return to Greenland’s national assembly

Kevin McGwin - 14 May 2018

One of Greenland’s most controversial political figures is set to return to the national…

In cliffhanger election, Greenland’s incumbents cling to power

Kevin McGwin - 25 April 2018

Greenland’s Siumut party maintained its lock on political power in the self-ruling member of…

Dog sleds rush in ballots as Greenland voting polls close

Krestia DeGeorge - 25 April 2018

  COPENHAGEN — Dog sleds carried some ballots to polling stations for Greenland’s election…

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