80 new apartments in central location

December 21, 2022

Press release from Bodenxt

Boden is growing, and that means more housing and modern infrastructure. A new zoning plan in the city centre includes new apartments, a petrol station and charging stations for electric cars.

The municipality of Boden is going out with a detailed development plan for part of Apeln 7 and Boden 56:39, i.e. the area in the southwestern part of the intersection of Garnisonsgatan, through road 97, and Drottninggatan. Neighbourhoods located directly adjacent to central Boden.

The zoning plan allows the construction of a new property that could house 80 apartments. Illustration MAF Arkitektkontor

The municipality aims to grow to 33 000 inhabitants by 2030. In order to realise the vision, housing development is one of many crucial factors, where Boden must meet the need for housing and enable properties that contribute to the positive development. The proposed zoning plan allows for, among other things, 80 new apartments.

– Through densification in existing residential areas, we can offer extremely central and attractive housing solutions. “There is a very exciting vision here, even though we do not currently have a formalised land allocation agreement, but discussions are being held with interested parties,” says Lars Andersson, Head of Planning and Development, Boden municipality.

The development plan also aims to create the conditions for the creation of a petrol station. OKQ8 is planning a manned fuel station with a car wash, a so-called do-it-yourself hall with three spaces, car rental and the possibility to refuel with liquid fuel and biogas. Electric charging points are also planned. The proposed main building covers an area of 550 square meters.

The plan proposals have previously been out for consultation, where the comments received have been compiled and answered by the municipality in a consultation report. The plan documents and the plan map have subsequently been revised. Now the zoning plan is out for review where the municipality shows the revised proposal.
The review is the last opportunity to submit written comments before the detailed plan is dealt with politically. It is out 22.12.19-23.01.16.

Originally published on 18 December.

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