ROSATOM and Aeon Corporation agree to Arctic shipping cooperation

By griffith - July 23, 2021
Photo by IAA PortNews

2021 July 23 – ROSATOM and Aeon Corporation plan to create a strategic partnership in the field of Arctic shipping. ROSATOM-subsidiary JSC Atomenergoprom and Aeon Infrastructure Corporation LLC have concluded a corresponding preliminary agreement.

According to IAA PortNews correspondent, the document was signed by JSC Atomenergoprom Director Kirill Komarov and Aeon Infrastructure Corporation LLC’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Roman Trotsenko. The signing ceremony took place as part of the ROSATOM-organised event “Arctic Day.”

The parties plan to implement joint Arctic shipping projects. Their cooperation will entail the construction of vessels no lower than ice-class Arc5 and tugboats no lower than Arc6/Icebreaker6 for the delivery of both general cargo and the products of the Syradasay coal deposit from the Taymyr Peninsula. The project for the development of the Syradasay coal deposit is being implemented by Aeon Corporation-subsidiary Severnaya Zvezda LLC.

ROSATOM is a global technological leader, with capacities in the nuclear sector and beyond, and business partners in 50 countries. As one of the pioneers of the nuclear industry, ROSATOM has traditionally been at the forefront of the international nuclear market, including nuclear power plant construction, uranium mining and enrichment, and nuclear fuel fabrication and supply. Today, thanks to the unique expertise accumulated over 75 years, the company is conquering the markets of new promising high-tech products. Hydrogen energy, energy storage, nuclear medicine, wind energy, composite materials, logistics business, environmental solutions – in total, more than a hundred new businesses, which cement Rosatom’s standing among the leading tech giants.

Severnaya Zvezda LLC is implementing a project to create a coal mining complex at Syradasayskoye – one of the largest coal deposits in the world – which is located 110 km southeast of the village of Dikson in the Taymyr Dolgano-Nenets district of Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Territory. The field is estimated to have 5 billion tonnes of coal. The project entails the development of a coal mine with a capacity of up to 10 million tonnes per annum, the construction of an enrichment plant, and the installation of all necessary infrastructure, including the new Yenisei seaport. The project is being implemented using the latest technologies to minimise environmental risks and the anthropogenic impact on the territory. A comprehensive assessment determined that the project’s implementation would not threaten the environmental safety of Russia’s Arctic zone.