🇸🇪 The battery boom: Svea Solar and Polarium to collaborate to simplify energy storage for households

November 27, 2023

In the second half of 2023, the demand for home batteries has increased, with two-thirds of Svea Solar’s customers now choosing to integrate batteries with their solar installations. This collaboration now makes Polarium’s residential battery, Homevolt, available to Svea Solar’s customers.

Given that the sun does not always produce energy when it is most needed, the Homevolt battery solves this problem by storing energy. Customers can save money by optimizing the use of the battery while helping to balance the grid as part of a Virtual Power Plant.

”The recent development of batteries have been very beneficial for Swedish households. Besides new technologies to optimize the use of energy at the right time, when prices are low, you can also make money by stabilizing the grid. Customers has never earned as much from having a battery as right now, and we are happy to offer a premium battery together with Polarium” says Joakim Grönvall Product Manager at Svea Solar.

The Polarium Homevolt battery is characterized by superior performance, high safety, competitive pricing, and clean design. The battery can easily be added afterwards, allowing customers to upgrade their existing PV systems.

“Together with Svea Solar, we are proud to offer households smart energy solutions. Now customers can easily access a complete package of solar panels, storage battery and cloud-based intelligent software. Homevolt, our high-performance battery, is easy to install and enables households to optimize solar energy use and reduce electricity costs. This is the energy solution of the future.” says Stefan Jansson, founder and CEO at Polarium.

Deliveries of the Homevolt batteries are scheduled to take place in the first half of 2024, but they can be ordered now from Svea Solar.

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Homevolt is a joint product between Polarium and electricity company Tibber. Homevolt is a high-quality consumer battery from Polarium, with all the brains from Tibber’s connected software that follows the market electricity prices hour by hour. Read more about the launch here.