🇸🇪 Telia and RISE are granted EU funding for dedicated 5G networks that activate pioneering digitization projects

Press release from ICE Data Centre

December 27, 2023

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With new EU funding, Telia will build dedicated 5G networks with the latest technical capabilities at five locations in Sweden. The advanced networks will carry ground-breaking projects for digital innovation in important social areas such as transport and logistics, agriculture and healthcare, where RISE becomes a partner in one project and Region Stockholm leads the other. The local dedicated networks are also connected to the 5G network in the innovation program Northstar.

With EU funding support, Telia will establish new local dedicated 5G networks in five strategically important locations for Sweden – for the activation of large-scale digitization projects together with partners. There is the Ultuna agricultural test bed, Luleå Harbour, Boden Industrial Park, Skellefteå Smart City and hospitals in the Stockholm region. The investments in the new networks consist of two large main projects which in turn will lead to innovation projects in a number of different socially important areas.

– We at RISE look forward to a closer collaboration with Telia and development in advanced digitalisation to support the development of Swedish industry, says Tor Björn Minde, Head of Unit at RISE.

The project is an infrastructure project to support the development of advanced digitization in municipalities. The 5G innovation network Northstar will be strengthened with cloud-edge infrastructure from RISE. This enables completely new types of applications that use the low delay in the 5G network. Fast coordination between autonomous equipment and demanding data analysis with feedback to ex. drones are typical examples of these areas of use. The low delay makes it possible to offload self-driving vehicles or move the information processing closer to the users and do all the heavy calculations in the edge node.

In Boden we will study autonomous garbage handling with transport and sorting, in Luleå port logistics monitoring, ice breaking and rescue services, in Skellefteå the city’s smart traffic management and in Ultuna autonomous and precise agriculture.

See article on RISE web here: https://www.ri.se/sv/nyheter/telia-och-rise-beviljas-eu-finansiering-for-dedikerade-5g-nat-som-aktiverar-banbrytande

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Originally published on 22 December by ICE Data Centre.

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