🇸🇪 LKAB: New training courses for the mining industry

January 2, 2024
LTU x LKAB Scholarship

This year, the Swedish School of Mines will start a new educational initiative at Luleå University of Technology that aims to cover the increased need for skills in the mining industry and green transition. The concept has been developed in collaboration with LTU, LKAB and several conglomerates within the mining industry. This is a great opportunity for those who want to sign up for an attractive education in the future.

The program provides several masters and civil engineering courses as well as a new international bachelor: Sustainable Resource Engineering. With this, we’ve created new opportunities for students outside the EU to apply for scholarships.

“This is an important piece of the puzzle to solve the competence challenge we are facing. A significant advantage with the initiative is that our entire value chain is represented, which means that the training courses are closely linked to the skills we need now and in the future.” – Åse Juhlin Head of Competence Supply at LKAB.

Find more information about the Swedish School of Mines here.


Originally published on 22 January by LKAB.

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