🇸🇪 Boden Embraces Next-Generation Digital Technology

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December 27, 2023

En illustration som visar konceptet med Edge Computing, där datanätverksmaster under en klar blå himmel med flytande vita moln skapar en visuell länk till ordet 'EDGE COMPUTING' som projiceras i molnen, symboliserande närhet till datakällor och minskad latensFive Swedish projects, including one in Boden, have received EU funding to install advanced technology with the potential to revolutionize several industries. The initial tests in Boden are scheduled to start as early as 2024.

Among four selected cities, the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) has included Boden in a project to test 5G Edge technology, linked to the green societal transformation. This means that Boden will be integrated into the Northstar innovation program, where the companies Telia and Ericsson will install equipment that enables faster data handling and transport than before.

– This is about the next generation of digital infrastructure that creates entirely new conditions for smart and efficient community functions using AI technology,” says Nils Lindh, Business Developer at Boden Business Park.

In dialogue with several companies

A key component is edge computing, which means that information from digital devices is processed close to its origin instead of being sent to distant data centers. This is achieved by establishing digital nodes, similar to how electrical cabinets distribute power locally.

– In Boden, it would be interesting to look at smart waste and recycling management. For example, it could involve autonomous vehicles for garbage collection,” says Nils Lindh.

– There are several potential applications for this technology, and we are already in dialogue with companies interested in exploring these opportunities.

A schematic diagram representing the architecture of an Edge Computing environment. The top shows the 'CLOUD LAYER' connected to the 'EDGE LAYER' below, which in turn is connected to the 'IOT DEVICES LAYER' consisting of various devices such as cameras, cars, smartwatches, computers, drones and more, illustrating the flow of data from IoT devices to Edge servers and on to the cloud.
A schematic diagram representing the architecture of an Edge Computing environment. The data between the device and the server is communicated and managed in real time, enabling the use of self-driving vehicles and other autonomous smart technology solutions.

Besides waste management, these technologies offer many other benefits to society. For instance, in healthcare, doctors could monitor patients remotely, while smarter traffic control could reduce traffic congestion.

In the energy sector, real-time monitoring and control of energy usage enable more efficient production. Farmers can benefit from sensors and drones to monitor crops and pests. The new technologies also offer advantages for tourism and industry, such as through virtual museum tours and more efficient machine control.

– 5G and Edge technologies are paving the way for innovations that can improve and revolutionize different sectors of society. Boden will be at the heart of this development, which is extremely gratifying.

115 million

In total, five projects have been awarded EUR 14 million (approximately SEK 155 million) for the development and deployment of digital technologies. The project “5G Edge Enabled Smart Communities for Green Transformation in the North” includes Luleå, Skellefteå and Uppsala in addition to Boden. Partners include Telia, RISE, as well as Luleå municipality and Boden municipality.

Are you interested in knowing more about the possibilities of this project or would your company like to be part of it? Contact Nils Lindh here.

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Originally published on 22 December by Bodenxt.

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