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Press release from Rå Biopark

December 27, 2023
Illustrative image of potential biogas plant by Polarkonsult

Rå Biopark announces a competition for pre-qualification for turnkey contract – technology and construction work in connection with a new biogas production facility in Storfjord municipality .

Link to the competition can be found here

Rå Biopark will build a biogas plant in Storfjord municipality, in Skibotn, about two hours’ drive from Tromsø. The competition for the turnkey contract has now been announced on Doffin.

Facts about the project:

  • Rå Biopark is Northern Norway’s largest environmental collaboration, owned by six solid waste companies in the north:
    Remiks Miljøpark, Hålogaland Ressursselskap, Avfallsservice, Reno-Vest, Lofoten Avfallsselskap and Finnmark Ressursselskap.

  • The company will receive organic waste from 41 municipalities in the north.

  • Raw materials that will be used in biogas production include: food waste from households and businesses, animal manure, fish sludge and silage, sewage sludge and industrial residues.

  • Construction is scheduled to start in 2025.

  • Approximately 60 GWh will be produced annually, which is equivalent to 6 million liters of diesel.

  • The project has received funding from Enova for a biogas plant, three filling stations and 15 heavy vehicles that can run on biogas.

Action holder: Rå Biopark AS

Offer deadline: 30.01.2024

Originally published on 22 December by Rå Biopark.

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