🇳🇴 CHOOOSE partners with bp to expand lower carbon product offering across hard to abate sectors

January 25, 2024

CHOOOSE partners with bp to expand lower carbon product offering across hard to abate sectors

  • CHOOOSE and bp will collaborate to support the aviation sector across a number of decarbonization initiatives – ranging from enabling airlines to plan and execute on CORSIA obligations to advancing the digital solutions needed to scale airline sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) programs.
  • As part of the partnership, bp is making a strategic investment in CHOOOSE.
  • The partnership will position CHOOOSE to expand on the existing breadth of lower carbon products CHOOOSE offers to the aviation sector (for example, nature-based climate solutions – including carbon removals – for both compliance and voluntary purposes), as well as to expand its digital offerings to further support other hard to abate sectors like freight forwarding and shipping.

CHOOOSE, a software company providing solutions to enable enterprises to build and manage decarbonization programs, has announced a partnership with bp aimed at expanding the CHOOOSE technology platform and its lower carbon product offerings. The collaboration will seek to enhance CHOOOSE’s solutions for the aviation sector, including by helping airlines to meet Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) compliance obligations, to scale sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) initiatives with advanced digital solutions, and more.

CHOOOSE provides a leading platform for aviation carbon programs today, serving a broad range of airlines around the globe and making available a wide offering of carbon products from diverse suppliers. Collaborating with bp expands this offering further. The partnership positions CHOOOSE to build on its digital “one-stop shop” for aviation’s carbon needs. CHOOOSE already enables airlines and air freight companies to centrally manage the diverse components of their decarbonization journeys – ranging from multi-faceted SAF programs to emission calculations and reporting, to compliance obligations.

Marisa Buchanan, Senior Vice President, Low Carbon Solutions, bp, said:

“bp is excited to partner with CHOOOSE to support the decarbonization journeys of hard to abate industries. We aim to help companies in the aviation, marine, and freight sectors meet their compliance needs and voluntary sustainability goals through a combination of digital solutions and low-carbon product offerings.”

Andreea Moyes, Air bp Sustainability Senior Manager, bp, said:

“This partnership strengthens our ability to support customers in areas such as CORSIA compliance and to explore pathways to scaling sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) programs. I am looking forward to working with an established industry partner such as CHOOOSE, as well as drawing on the wider expertise of colleagues across bp, to further support the aviation industry’s decarbonization ambitions.”

Joseph Beaudin, Chief Customer Officer, CHOOOSE, said:

“CHOOOSE builds software to help large enterprises manage the increasing complexity of their decarbonization programs – this partnership integrates bp’s industry leading supply of lower carbon products into the CHOOOSE platform, enabling CHOOOSE to expand the range of compliance-related and voluntary products offered, and to deliver more seamless experiences for our customers.”


CHOOOSE, a leading climate tech company, provides digital solutions to enable multi-faceted decarbonization programs in hard to abate sectors, including aviation, shipping, and logistics. The CHOOOSE platform empowers large enterprises and their customers to understand their carbon footprints, to make more carbon-informed decisions, and to support diverse climate solutions. Learn more at www.chooose.today.

About bp

bp is an international company that delivers energy products and services to our customers around the world.

Our strategy is to transition to become an integrated energy company across resilient hydrocarbons, mobility and convenience and low carbon energy. We believe bp can help deliver a better, more balanced, energy system that is secure and affordable as well as increasingly lower carbon.

bp continues to invest in oil and gas to keep energy flowing to where and when it’s needed today. And, not or, to invest in our lower carbon and other transition businesses – bioenergy, EV charging, renewables & power, convenience and hydrogen – to help accelerate our transition and the energy transition.

See how bp is putting plans into action, as we work to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner, to help the world reach net zero and to improve people’s lives, at bp.com.

Originally published on 25 January by CHOOSE.

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