🇮🇸 Samskip begins construction phase of its next–generation zero-emission short sea container vessel with ‘steel cutting ceremony’

March 1, 2024

Two years of pre-Brexit investment in North Sea container shipping services is proving decisive in winning shippers away from cross-Channel ferry route.

SAMSKIP, global logistics solution provider together with market leading shipyard Cochin Shipyard Ltd. India, have just begun the construction phase of their Next – Generation zero-emission shortsea container vessel “The Samskip SeaShuttle”.

Performed at Cochin Shipyard in India, representatives from both companies, government and partners enjoyed the pageantry of the official steel cutting ceremony depicting the first phase of construction of the Samskip SeaShuttle. This, the first of two contracted vessels will be the first Zero Emission Short Sea Container Vessel in the world using Green Hydrogen as fuel. The hydrogen fuel powered Samskip SeaShuttle is destined to create green corridors between the European continent and the Scandinavian region. In zero emission mode, 2 SeaShuttles are expected to achieve around 25,000 tons of CO2 reduction per year. They will achieve zero emission operations in ports as well by using green shore power at the port of call.

On February 29th, Samskip hosted a diverse group spanning from maritime experts, municipality representatives, customers, politicians and suppliers to facilitate a collaborative thinktank forum. The event called “The Samskip Sustainability Day” facilitated 150 guests and the returning theme of the many presentations and discussions was the message of breaking boundaries and collaboration to usher in a new age of sustainable logistics.

Sustainability Manager – Laurens Dourleijn: “When it comes to sustainability, we believe in transparency, setting goals and taking responsibility. Yesterday, at our event, we introduced our Sustainability Compass to accelerate our ESG goals and called everyone out to work together towards these goals.”

CEO Samskip Group – Kari-Pekka Laaksonen: “Our Sustainability Day event went smoothly and I am so proud to see the many stakeholders from different disciplines discussing and brainstorming together. That is why we brought all these honored guests together. They did not disappoint. We walked away inspired, as we pushed for accountability and teamwork. The time of just talking about sustainability is over, and I am hopeful, having experienced our guest working for a better tomorrow. It all starts with us coming together, then great things happen.”

Head of Fleet Management, Erik Hofmeester said: It was great to see important stakeholders in the room, all positively energized in a joint effort to realize zero-emission transport. With 2030 around the corner, there is no time to waste.”

Regional Director – Norway & Sweden Multimodal, Are Grathen added: “It has been a long journey, but I always had faith in this project from the start. I have had the pleasure of being involved from the beginning and helped get both our Norway and Rotterdam teams aligned. The SeaShuttle will provide a great green corridor and it’s really inspiring to see the leadership and commitment of our customers who have already booked space on this service. Now we go from planning to building!”

Originally published on 1 March by Samskip.

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