🇮🇸 Iceland’s largest and oldest entrepreneurial competition: Top 10 competing for the Golden Egg 2024

February 9, 2024

On Friday, February 9, we will find out which idea will be chosen by Gulleggið 2024!

Gulleggið, Iceland’s largest and oldest entrepreneurial competition is one of the flagships of KLAK – Icelandic Startups will be launched for the 17th time this year.

Do you want to be in the hall at the Gróska ideakhús when the winner receives the Golden Egg 2024?

Register here to secure your place in Groska’s festival hall:

It will be possible to vote for the most popular team! It will be told how it will be during the competition itself in Gróska.

Here are the TOP 10 teams that will compete for the Golden Leg 2024

Explore Iceland – tour guide

Explore Iceland – tour guide is the guide in the car.

The team:

Zakarías Friðriksson
Thorður Friðriksson


FairGame is a platform for sports tournaments for children and teenagers, with FairGame we intend to put children’s experience first, with the use of artificial intelligence, the platform is trained with the results of games and finds the real strengths of the teams so that our children get fair challenges.

For tournament organizers, FairGame ensures games are organized efficiently, transforming days of planning into seconds!

The FairGame App gives parents and guardians all the information in real time.

The team:

Jóhannes Ólafur Jóhannesson
Jón Levy Guðmundsson

Flaff – the textile processing

Flaff – the textile industry develops a new method of reusing unusable textiles domestically. With the right equipment, it is possible to shred textiles and create new material. First, we are going to look at textile waste from companies, eg employee clothing, and bring that textile back into circulation and at the same time create value for companies.

The team:

Sæunn Kjartansdóttir
Ólöf Sigríður Jóhannsdóttir
Ragnheiður Stefánsdóttir
Margrét Katrín Guttormsdóttir
Sigríður Tryggvadóttir
Júliana Sveinsdóttir

Earth Analysis

Earth Analysis is a project that aims to develop a high-tech method that uses ground radar and drone technology to study and evaluate the physical and structural characteristics of an object while leaving it intact. A wide range of services will be offered: from analysis of house roofs to pipe and cable analysis, from topography and bottom measurements to preliminary analysis for archaeological excavations and natural assessment.

The team:

Morgane Priet-Mahéo
Eysteinn Sigurðsson


Memm.Care is AI assisted care for dementia patients. 100 Happy days, enhancing patients’ quality of life.

The team:

Sigrún Jenny Barðardóttir
Halli Thorkelsson

Sea Growth

Sea Growth’s idea is to produce raw fish products from fish cells, i.e. so-called ecological fish. The process is such that an initial sample is taken from a wild healthy fish and the cells are grown in specially designed biological tanks. Renewable energy and Icelandic water will be used for this.

The team:
Birgitta GS: Ásgrímsdóttir
Alexander Schepsky
Martin Uetz
Sigrún Guðjónsdóttir


Snatalabb is an app that connects dog owners and certified sitters and walkers to exchange services and create a safe and healthy job environment in Iceland to compete on the global market. The concept is based on the Uber/Airbnb model, founding a platform with great potential to impact a community.

The team:

Charlotta Sigmundsdóttir
Nastasia Czechowska
Hróbjartur Böðvarsson
Elias Helgi Kofoed-Hansen


Thorexa will build an email response to the mails received based on previous mails and company data. This will reduce the writing time of the workers and imitate their writing style.

The same solution can automatically reply to mails to other employees of the company if an employee leaves, so that his knowledge is not lost in the data chaos.

The team:

Þór Tómasarson
Thoroddsen’s interior
Bjarni Þór Gíslason
Íris Líf Stefánsdóttir

Wool pellets

Ullarkögglar will add value to farmer’s low quality wool and enriching our soils with organic wool pellet fertilizer.

The team:
Alice Sowa

Road cabin

Vegskáli is about building from fast-hardening fiber concrete over critical infrastructure threatened by lava, allowing lava to flow over the shelters and leaving the infrastructure intact and usable.

The team:
Ásgeir Halldórsson
Annas Jón Sigmundsson
Svavar Halldórsson